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304C CR

mini hydraulic
excavator rentals

Looking to rent the roughest and toughest excavator in town? LKO has you covered. We have four top of the line 304C CR Mini Excavators for rent. Seven days a week.


Excavator Rentals

We have 4 CAT Excavators for rent. One is cabless, the other 3 are cabbed machines, fully loaded with options. Including, Air conditioning, Heating and a radio. Also equipped with quick connect bucket attachment along with 3 different sized buckets.


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Cups Of Coffee

Comfort and Ease of Operation

Class leading space and top level features lead to a comfortable and productive environment.

Optional Air Conditioning. Optional air
conditioning or fan and sun blind
package offers further operator comfort.

Sliding Cab Door. The sliding door
system offers good access and
maintains the machine’s compact
dimensions to reduce the risk of damage.

Fully Pilot Operated Controls.
Pilot operated controls on all services
including travel levers and dozer
function ensure that “as new” levels
of controllability are maintained
throughout the machine life.

High Level of Standard Comfort
Features. Reclining suspension seat,
power point, adjustable wrist rests and
a cup holder are standard features on
the Cat C CR machines

Automatic Two Speed Function.
Improves machine maneuverability
around the job site. Increased
productivity by balancing high speed
travel requirements with controllability.

Joystick Mounted Auxiliary and Boom
Swing Functions. The new joystick
mounted position of these functions
gives “fingertip” control and a clear
cab floor.

Compact Radius Design. Compact
radius design gives greater machine
versatility and the capability to work
within confined areas. The radius of the
upper body stays within the width of
the undercarriage so the operator can
concentrate on the work being done
without having to worry about the back
of the machine.

“I always make sure we rent from LKO Equipment. Their Excavators are always clean, have tons of options, and are affordably priced”  Ken Davis

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